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Standard Flight Rates

$250/person (CASH payment) 

$260/person (CREDIT CARD payment)

(Maximum 4 passengers per flight)

All of our flights take place at sunrise and last approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Each flight includes a post-flight champagne/non-alcoholic sparkling cider (your choice) ceremony and the presentation of a personalized "first flight" certificate. Submit your Reservation Request with our Online Reservation Request Form or contact us at (928) 486-1075.

Darkside 2020 flight in Lake Havasu.jpg

Sweetheart Flight

(2 passengers only)

$750 Cash or $775 Credit Card/Couple
This flight guarantees you and that 'special someone' the balloon all to yourselves (besides the pilot, the two of you will be the ONLY passengers on board the balloon). The perfect way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion!

Request your Sweetheart flight today with our online Reservation Request Form or purchase one of our Personalized Gift Certificates.


Gift Certificates

You may purchase any of these flights in the form of one of our colorful customized Gift Certificates - good for ANY "gift giving" occasion. Each certificate is personalized with the name of the recipient and the gift-giver (if desired). Certificates may be picked-up in Lake Havasu, mailed to you or your recipient OR emailed to you (for printing at your leisure).

Go to our "GIFT CERTIFICATES" page to request a Gift Certificate online. You may also contact us for more information using our online Contact Form or by phone at 928-486-1075 .

All Gift Certificate flights must be paid-in-full when purchased.

Birthday Certificate Front TN.jpg

Personalized Gift Certificates are available for ANY special occasion

Reserve the balloon solely for yourself and that special someone!

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